Friday, January 7, 2011

another project

daddy took hadley to another lowe's building project....this time she got a sweet apron and some sassy goggles! check these out! you can tell she was thrilled to try them on :]

snow day

here's the fun we had on what was really our first "snow day" this year!! we had so much fun building our snow-girl and sledding and most importantly EATING the snow!

give thanks!

here's a (belated!) peek into thanksgiving in our home!

Friday, November 19, 2010


how do you explain to a 21 month old that the baby doll truly is stuck and that even you, as mommy, can't get her "unstuck?" suggestions?

daddy-daughter date at lowe's

jordan took hadley to lowe's last saturday morning to the 'build with me' workshop. they were so cute working together. hadley loves to swing a hammer, and can hit just about everything but what she needs to! she was a good worker...received her "certificate of being an awesome builder" and made daddy proud!


our house survived it's first "snowstorm." hurray! didn't last forever, but sure was pretty!

kasota park and corn maze

our good friends, tiffany and jon invited us to go with them to the kasota park and corn maze. hadley and their boy, hayden, are about the same age and they have become quite good little buddies! we started the night off with the corn maze. the boys were awesome at following the map but horrible at finding the posts that held the stamps to win us the sweet surprise! then we hit the slides. i was screaming like a baby. hadley loved them. jordan and jon were silly and went down the steepest one and landed in a puddle of water. they were wet. for the whole ride home. nice...guys...nice! and then hadley fell in the ball pit. almost was lost forever. thanks tiff for your efforts in rescuing the poor girl!

halloween night

by halloween night, hadley had definately gotten the hang of the whole trick-or-treating business and was ready to tear up the neighborhood. we stopped by a saw a few of her little friends. it was a fun night!